Which fire do you want to stoke? The fire of victimhood? Getting revenge? Having a really good excuse that explains why you are not happy and successful?
Or do you want to stoke the fire of gaining awareness? Becoming more present and empowered. Being authentic, loving and clear.

 The art of relating where intuition meets courage and curiosity. 

You will learn on our journey how to...
  • Be in relationship with yourself first.  Learn specific techniques on how to self-regulate yourself.
  • Get up in the morning full of energy & joy. Learn to befriend your nervous system. Track and understand your inner landscapes. 
  • Practise the art of love by learning to experience safety within yourself and develop self compassion for all parts of you.  
  • Dive deeper into self-love, the key to creating your life by understanding your behavioural patterns and coping strategies.
  • Go on a journey towards relationship mastery by learning how to work with your triggers and your emotional & physical pain. 
  • Experience freedom from your reactive patterns and limiting beliefs by learning and recognising the unconscious dynamics that run your life and learn how to liberate yourself from them.

Please choose your time, fill in your Email address etc. below and I will contact you after you booked your chosen time and date. Payment via PayID or Direct transfer. First session: $160. 

  • Your Email Adress will not be shared and is 100% safe with me, because I don't like Spam myself.
  • There is no refunds given for individual sessions nor packages or programs after the first session taking place. My work asks for 100% responsibility on your part of the journey. Please contact me for any questions you may have.  Thank you.


As a result of regular sessions with Lars I have navigated several life challenges and now move in the direction of bringing my service to small business clients.

The skill that Lars has for hearing my challenges and responding in a way that inspires me and keeps me held to account is exceptional. ‎He uses an approach that is both creative and disciplined. I have renewed confidence and the support to reach my targeted goals. Thank you for the journey.

Tom, Brisbane.

Thanks so much for our ‘mindful’ session. I really am excited to be bringing some Qi Gong back into my routine now, with the added bonus of bringing in more balance and strength into my body, and the mind. Thanks heaps, I enjoyed the ‘journey', and feel great now. 

Carolyn, Torquay.

The 28 journey Relationship Reloaded was a complete cycle for me . Small efforts go a long way creating positive change that you can feel within and observe through your impact in the outer world. Loving the skills learned and the flow of life. I never enjoyed the sense of discipline more in my life. Ready for more - I am surely going deeper because now I know there is so much more. 

Jacob, Melbourne.

I have studied with a number of experienced teachers in yoga for 8 years and have found me studying yoga with Lars is what I have been looking for these last few years. His approach to practice allows your depths, lucidities and unique qualities of the self to be explored through movement, breath and self enquiry.  His great ability to hold space allows subtleties to become tangible and physical strength to integrate to the internal, while adjusting the approach of practice as needed for the individual.

Hannah, Melbourne.